After a 10 Mile race, 1938. From left: Pat Weguelin, Lady (non-member), ?, Kath Tustin (non-member), Charlie Taylor, Bill Tustin, Raymond Gardiner, Norman Hartwell, Tommy Kemp (part hidden), George Woodger (on bike), ? obscured, John Parsons, Les Thombs (part hidden), Phil Grimmitt (with bottle), Theo Parsons, Austin Heeks, Ron Tucker, Bill Winfield, Norman Parsons.


After a Cheltenham 50 Mile race, 1935. From Left: Norman Hartwell, Alf Evans, Theo Parsons (with bike), Bill Tustin, Sid Nash, Reg Steptoe, Norman Parsons, Percy Nash, Tommy Price, John Parker.


After a Club Event 1938. From Left: Les Thombs, Norman Parsons, Ron Tucker, Bill Tustin, Austin Heeks, Phil Grimmitt, Theo Parsons (part hidden), Bill Johncey, John Parsons (on bike), George Woodger, Charlie Taylor, Sid Nash.


The Cheltenham Open 50 mile. 1936. From Left: ? Cox (Glos City), Unknown, Alexander (Cardiff), Bill Sharp (Chelt & County), Theo Parsons, Bill Tustin (on bike) being pushed by Sid Keveren (Chelt & County), Wally Tilling (Chelt & County), Ewart Bick, timekeeper (Chelt & County), "Viking" Wedburg (Chelt & County).


The Cheltenham 50. 1936. From left: Charlie Browning, Obscured, Sid Keveren (Chelt & County), Unknown, Theo Parsons (on bike), Ewart Bick (Chelt & County).


Near the Golden Valley. 1937. From Left (standing): Jack Hartwell, Charlie Keen, Norman Hartwell. Left (Seated): John Parsons, Bill Tustin, Theo Parsons. At Front: Reg Steptoe.


After an Event. 1937. From left (Back row): Bill Tustin, Seymour Wilcox, Norman Parsons, R Harvey (Timekeeper), Reg Steptoe. Next row: Harold Whitcombe, Harry Bennett. 2nd from front: Pat Weguelin, Percy Nash. Front row: Theo Parsons, John Parsons, John Parker, Norman Hartwell.