Members at Cheltenham Road, Evesham, 1937. From left: Norman Parsons, Bill Tustin, ?, Kath Tustin, Reg Steptoe, John Parsons, Norman Hartwell, Sid Nash, Bill Bedwell, John Parker, Percy Nash, ?, ?, George Woodger (with bike) and Seymour Wilcox.


After a Club Event 1938. Left (Standing): ?, Phil Grimmitt, Jack Hartwell, Dennis Shergold, Harry Bennett, Kath Tustin (non-member), Norman Parsons. Left (Seated): Norman Hartwell, John Parsons, George Woodger, Pat Weguelin, Charlie Taylor, Theo Parsons.


Some of the Club at Bourton-on-the-Water 1937. Left (Standing): Les Gardiner, Norman Hartwell, Ron Bartlett, Dorothy Wilcox. Left (Seated) : Harry Bennett, Percy Nash, Norman Parsons, Seymour Wilcox.


Photo left. Group pausing on the Stow-Naunton Road. Theo Parsons on front end of tandem. Sat at front, Bert Sullings and Nellie Willcocks. Photo right. Punting at Wyre 1933. Front, Nellie Willcocks and Phil Evans. Back, Bill Tustin and Norman Parsons.


Above Snowshill 1937. Left (Standing): Charlie Taylor, Norman Parsons, Phil Grimmitt, Harry Bennett, Cyril Invine. Seated: John Parsons, Bill Winfield. (Unidentifield figure on hill)


Group 1937. From Left: Percy Nash, Norman Parsons, John Parsons, Theo Parsons, Phil Grimmitt


Group at Hangman's Stone, near Northleach. Winter 1937. From Left: Norman Hartwell, Tommy Kemp, Norman Parsons, Cyril Invine, Theo Parsons, John Parsons.


By the river at Lechlade 1935. Back row from left: Bill Tustin, Norman Parsons, Theo Parsons. Front row: Reg Steptoe, George Woodger, Jimmy Woods.


On top of the Malvern Hills 1935. From Left: Harry Bennett, Norman Parsons, Phil Spiers, Ron Bartlett, Reg Steptoe, George Woodger (in cap), Dorothy Wilcox, Pat Weguelin, Myfanwy Jones, Theo Parsons.


Overlooking Naunton, May 1938. From left: Norman Parsons, Harry Bennett, George Woodger, Bill Tustin, John Parsons, Bill Winfield, Les Thombs, Jack Braithwaite, Ron Tucker.


Pillerton Priors 1937. Jockeys. from left: Theo Parsons, Bill Tustin, John Parsons. Left (standing): Phil Grimmitt, ?, Norman Parsons, George Woodger, Charlie Taylor, Bill Winfield.


Picnic at Trafalgar Park 1937. Front, from left: Bill Tustin, Dorothy Wilcox, Percy Nash, John Parker. Back, from left: Les Gardiner, Charlie Tustin, Norman Parsons, Harry Bennett, Seymour Wilcox. Standing: George Woodger. Photographer's shadow: Theo Parsons